Happy Trails


Before I tell you about what happened now, let me tell you a little about where I've been. 

I've been in the barn, with my horse, Shiloh. 

Shiloh was a wild mustang and I adopted him in 2001 from Lifesavers Wildhorse Rescue

I had about 6 weeks of riding lessons when I brought him home.  I'm not sure who was more afraid of who. It was probably me. 

It took a while for us to first become acquaintances and a little longer to become friends and then finally trusted companions. 

And during all that time, my hands were up to my elbows in water. 

Washing water buckets, grain buckets, cleaning tack, grooming his big pony body,  If I wasn't washing out something that belonged to my horse, I was washing my hands to get off the stuff that belonged to him. 

And, I have to admit, I loved every minute of it.

But in 2018 everything changed. 

I became an actor and with that career change came other changes. 

Not every piece of clothing I owned could go to the barn. Or shoes, for that matter. Some things just had to stay clean for auditions - a never ending parade of on-camera job interviews. 

Then there were my hands. 

Did you know when you audition for a role, particularly in commercials, they ask to see your hands? I didn't, but I do now. 

That was a big problem. 

After almost 18 years of cleaning and washing horse related stuff, my hands were shot.  So I looked for anything and everything that would make them look close to human and hopefully more feminine. But nothing I tried worked, or worked for very long...


My Hands

The is pretty much what my hands looked like all the time. They were dry and cracked and rough. 

Not pretty. 

So after trying everything on the shelves, I decided to make something that would work for me.

Much like getting to know my horse and getting him to trust me, it took time and patience.  A lot of research. A lot of trial and error, messes, some disasters and more than a little hay!  

But I finally created a lotion that felt good on my skin, wasn't too heavy, absorbed easily and made my hands look and feel pretty. 

I called it Horse Snot Hand Lotion because when I was looking for recommendations for store bought lotion, I asked one of the trainers at the barn what she used, and as a joke (at least I thought it was a joke), she said "Horse Snot". 

It made me laugh and the name was born!



These are my hands now.  My agent made get a manicure which I have to admit, looks pretty nice, but nothing makes your hands look nicer than nice skin. 

No more crackles or leathery looking hands. Smooth and soft and pretty. 

I use my lotion once in the morning and it seems to last for me all day, which is great because I am still new to this pampering stuff and don't usually have the time to stop and reapply anything. 

I do keep tube at home and a tube at the barn because sometimes I don't remember to put it on until I get to the barn.  I did say I'm new to this pampering stuff.

It's full of delicious ingredients, like shea butter and grapeseed oil, which nurtures your skin. 

I'm not sure if my horse notices how smooth my hands are now, but I am very happy with this lotion and I think you will be too. If you'd like to try some, just click the button below.