Trail Head

The Original Lotion

I started by making lotion for my damaged hands. I found the perfect combination of ingredients and put it in a travel size squeeze bottle to carry around with me. 

The Stuff That Goes In It

I found ingredients like Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax & Oils that smelled pretty.  I experimented with recipes & kept things as all natural as I could. Just enough preservatives so it stayed good for a year.

It Worked

This stuff kept my hands pretty, even after I washed out my horse's buckets. It didn't absorb instantly, but it was nice to take an extra moment to pamper my hands and look at my horse. (He's so cute!)

The Gals at The Barn

I made up some samples for the Gals at the barn, because they asked and because one of the Gals came up with the name "Horse Snot".  They liked it a lot and suggested I start selling it to other people with horses (& skin). 

Giddy Ap!

I enjoyed making the lotion, so I tried a few other things, like cuticle cream & lip balm, because it is very dry in Southern California and I needed these products myself & I thought others might need them, too. 

Whoa, Nellie!

We soon started getting suggestions from horse people about products they would like to try. Each new idea is concocted and then tested for 4-6 months to make sure it works and stays the way it is supposed to. 

... And now

Some Things Work

We tried a bunch of things, like a bug balm for people because I was tired of using my horse's fly spray on my legs and arms. Our balm has all natural ingredients, which is great. It's made with Cocoa Butter and Beeswax and lovely essential oils that bugs hate. We're trying to figure out how to package it in a smaller size so it's easier to carry around in your pocket. 

Some Things Don't

We  tried a few things that sounded good or looked good,  but didn't work out because of cost of the ingredients, or the packaging, or the shipping would be too expensive.  These bath bombs were adorable but we couldn't get them to hold together during shipping. We're still working on it because they are great after a long ride on your horse. 

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And Some Things...

Quite frankly, are best left to people who are masters at their craft, so we found a company that makes our soap with the same wonderful ingredients we do (like Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil and Organic Shea Butter), only they make it faster than we can, so we can keep on trying out new things and still have time to ride horses!